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Default Ignore Lists and You

Occasionally, in your posting career, you will come across somebody whose views are so repellent, whose jokes are so unfunny, whose spelling is so erratic, that you simply can't bear to read their posts. Fortunately for you, this forum includes ignore list functionality, so you don't have to read their posts.

Click their name, just to the left of their post, and it'll give you a drop-down menu, with options like "View StupidPoster's public profile", "Send a PM to StupidPoster", and so on. Select the "View Profile" option, and it'll take you to their profile page.

Click the "Add StupidPoster to Your Ignore List" option, it'll ask you to confirm, say yes, and you'll never need to see their posts again, because they'll be hidden from view.

You will note the option to "View post" at high right; you can see their posts if you want to, but otherwise, they're hidden from view.

There's a more direct way of adding people to your ignore list; at the top left on the menu bar above is "User CP", right next to FAQ. That's the User Control Panel, where you can adjust anything you need, your signature, email/password, send and receive PMs, or edit your buddy/ignore lists.

Simply enter the name of whomever you find objectionable or admirable into one list or the other, and hit "Update List".

A word of advice: Don't go ignoring people willy-nilly. There are people who will disagree with you, or who appear to have lost connection to reality. This alone is not enough reason to ignore them, because there is value in alternative viewpoints and hearing every voice. Nor should you ignore somebody simply because they're unfunny or think grammar is your mother's mother, because with gentle correction they can be improved. On the other hand, there are some people who will not accept constructive criticism, or whose viewpoints have no value, or who simply cannot handle a dissenting viewpoint. You may even find someone who is Literally Hitler. Ignore those people, whose posting will not make you a better person for reading it and might actually make you more stupid.
Asking Republicans to run government is like asking a vegetarian to cook a steak. They can't do it well if they don't think it should be done at all.
Facts or GTFO. Anecdotal arguments will be met with mockery.
Food stamps stimulate the economy, tax cuts don't, tax rates are at a historic low, welfare queens are either non-existent or embarrassingly near.
My posting is a PC-Optional zone. I reserve the right to refrain from using PC euphemisms, and to speak my opinion, fucknut.
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