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  1. Gun Control.... [Split From "It's happened again"]
  2. Scientology? A religion or a cult.
  3. Of Social Security And Healthcare....(Split From Hillary Thread)
  4. You gotta love Hillary
  5. The Minimum Wage!!
  6. Obama vs McCain
  7. Michelle Obama is there a tape or not?
  8. Straw Poll - McCain vs Obama
  9. Barack's VP
  10. Why Jesse Jackson Hates Obama
  11. Al Gore's Nutty Idea
  12. Cindy McCain and the Smell of Death
  13. Folks in the U.S. how do you plan on voting?
  14. Seriously, do the liberals need more power in November?
  15. Why Do you Care Who our President Is? (A Perfect example of how NOT to post in GM)
  16. John Edwards Sex Scandal
  17. Your Issues
  18. Why is it? (Another religion thread...)
  19. At What Point Does a Baby Get Human Rights
  20. Obama's brother found, cliams to be living a dollar a month!
  21. Sarah Palin vs Joseph Biden
  22. The most important politcal question to date?
  23. Economic Discussion
  24. Sarah Palin Daughter Pregnant
  25. McCain needs new strategy
  26. If true a big black eye for Obama's supporters
  27. Republicans will love this
  28. How have you gained your political views?
  29. Barack Obama on live birth Abortion
  30. Maybe Bush didn't lie
  31. A Democrat goes NUTS!!!!!
  32. What Matt Damon thinks about Palin
  33. SNL Opening Skit - Palin/Clinton Speech
  34. Third Party
  35. Different outlooks, Palin VS Obama
  36. Palin, NOTHING TO OFFER!
  37. The Debates begin
  38. It's Sad
  39. Lets talk issues
  40. Obama and Racism
  41. Sarah Palin sued over private e-mails
  42. Obama in bed with Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac
  43. Political Sex Scandals.
  44. How Ironic, Fox Sexist against Palin?
  45. The swiftboats return!
  46. Gotta love the rumor mill
  47. Black protestors heckle Obama at rally
  48. The cause of the Subprime Mortgage Mess
  49. Anarchy In St. Paul
  50. Alaska's $25 Million Gravel Road to Nowhere
  51. More News From Alaska
  52. Help me out, Name one fed program that works
  53. Do you guys really want another dumb president?
  54. What Ben Affleck thinks about the Democrats on the War
  55. Obama is weally smart on da internet and other stuff
  56. I Masturbated To Sarah Palin
  57. A guide to campaign mumbo-jumbo
  58. Sleep's Propaganda Thread
  59. Just a picture with my opinion
  60. Solving A Crisis
  61. Time for some campaigning...
  62. Pick the New Organizations that are Not Biased
  63. Book stores and politics
  64. who am I?
  65. What Can Games Teach Us About The Election?
  66. Obama rejects McCain's call to delay debate
  67. Palin and religion
  68. This is what Palin has to say!
  69. Why Obama will lose
  70. The Birk Economic Recovery Plan
  71. Have you all read the rules at the top?
  72. Kinda a cool thing,
  73. I still can't believe this having read it 3 times
  74. Will you love me in the morning?
  75. WaMu (Washington Mutual) Goes Down The Shitter
  76. Chris Rock and Moose
  77. The Ant and The Grasshopper 2008
  78. Match-O-Matic
  79. Johnny Mac Pics
  80. The first debate
  81. How Loyal are you to your Party
  82. Just a passing thought...
  83. Who's paying who?
  84. Sarah Palin in a Swimsuit Contest
  85. Qestions for the Democrats/Anti Republicans
  86. Undecided - give me one reason.
  87. VP Debate
  88. Troubled home owers shot at and missed, Sh#t at and hit
  89. Washington's New Theme Song
  90. $700 Billion Bail-Out Bill Fails - DOW Plunges 800 Points
  91. Where do you Get your news
  92. A question for the pro republicans
  93. Obama fans a quick question
  94. A got ya question (my take on Palin)
  95. Why Obama Doesn't Stand a Chance
  96. The Truth About Sarah Palin
  97. Palin, Reagan, Clinton. The Same????
  98. Political Movie Poll
  99. Don't Tell Me It's NOT about race...
  100. American public has much to learn about presidential candidates’ issue positions
  101. Political Satire
  102. Vote!
  103. The CHESS Game has begun
  104. Does it really matter?
  105. Do You Agree With Barack Obama
  106. How do you think about Palin's e-mail hacked??
  107. GOP Bullshit
  108. HEY!! Attn All Tree Huggers
  109. Here comes the dirt.....
  110. An Observation
  111. Second Debate Results
  112. The World vote
  113. Voter Fraud
  114. Economy questions for the Republicans.
  115. Whoever wins America loses...
  116. Biden Responds to SNL VP Debate Sketch
  117. An Ode to Sean Hannity
  118. Negative campaign ads/commercials. WHY?!
  119. Sensitive Palin ethics report kept secret, for now
  120. Maybe it really doesnt matter WHo wins
  121. The Real Truth About Sarah Palin?
  122. Palin wrongly suggests
  123. Joe Biden introduced as John McCain
  124. I applaud McCain .........
  125. CNN Laughs It Up Over Sarah Palin Interview
  126. Other Candidates in the Debate
  127. Does Anyone Know...
  128. Racists start coming out of the woodwork
  129. An Election quiz
  130. Something to think about
  131. Lehman Brothers go Bankrupt and give Executives 100 million Dollars
  132. Love him or Hate him, Obama is a genius
  133. Potpourri News of the Day
  134. Breaking news
  135. Goodness, can McCain catch a break?
  136. Joe the Plumber, Joe Plumber, Plumber Joe!!
  137. The 08 Election (a retrospective)
  138. Barrack Roll
  139. George Bush... Drunk?
  140. a little Chicago backgrounder and how Obama doesn't hide his socialist beliefs
  141. Santorum
  142. Scary stuff.
  143. obama learn the history!!
  144. The otherside of the McCoin!!
  145. The Hate Talk Express
  146. Obama's September Fund Raising....
  147. Colin Powell on Meet the Press
  148. The Idiossey
  149. Who's voted
  150. Question for you Republicans
  151. Gov. Palin Travel
  152. The Candidates on Taxes (Split from Question for Republicans)
  153. Redeeming myself
  154. An encounter with a McCainiac
  155. Just how [email protected]#$ing Stupid is Joe Biden
  156. Al-Qaeda for McCain
  157. Study: Coverage of McCain Much More Negative Than That of Obama
  158. The Liberals are already salivating
  159. Wow, Dems and media doing a good job keeping this quiet
  160. Dancing with the Stars
  161. It's all Sooooo Confusing....
  162. Why do you think the market is taking a dump?
  163. Palin Look-A-Like
  164. "B" is for Barack?
  165. There is one thing about teh politicians that I knows.
  166. Rush Limbaugh (enter at own risk|)
  167. Killing In The Name Of...
  168. Just step back for a minute and imagine...
  169. It's simple: Obama is the least qualified candidate in history
  170. Republocrat Campaign Song
  171. The Obama Temptation
  172. The Price of oil
  173. Perverse Voting Strategies
  174. For those who think Barack cares about the USA
  175. Bill Ayers on Bill Ayers
  176. White People shouldn't be Allowed to Vote
  177. McCain throws down the gauntlet...
  178. Rescue wall street screw main street.
  179. Cartoon: Where the Republican campaign has failed.
  180. Palin Lynched??? [sick if you ask me!]
  181. Obamas Birth Certificate
  182. Palin bashing
  183. Stevens convicted on all counts
  184. Obama on restribution of wealth in his own words
  185. Anyone Else Can't Wait????
  186. Election Photos Mega-Thread (Warning, lots of pics)
  187. O'Reilly vs. Letterman round 3
  188. AlasCain Honey and Obama Hot Tub
  189. Baby named after GOP candidates
  190. Dislike Palin? Like her? This linked video will make you LoL
  191. Supreme my ass!
  192. Redistribution of wealth
  193. Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits
  194. What's next, Chivatos on every corner?
  195. Megyn Kelley of Fox News
  196. Obama's wiki page
  197. A new low in Voter fraud
  198. McCain and influence peddling...
  199. Problems of the "rich"
  200. Are you gonna vote?
  201. The Obamamercial.
  202. Obama Accepting Untraceable Donations
  203. This is why it equates to an act of war.
  204. Peace through inches
  205. I love paying my taxes
  206. Twas the night before elections.......
  207. Very good read about Tax Packages
  208. Can McCain spell?
  209. McBain for president (McCain ad parody)
  210. McCain Takes The Lead 48-47 In Latest Zogby Poll
  211. Presidential ad picks and pans
  212. If California Prop 8 passes, this is why.
  213. Media Madness!
  214. The opposite of Mr. DNA's redistribution of wealth
  215. Political Cartoons from Australia
  216. McCain Slipping in Arizona
  217. "If I Help Him, He'll Help Me"
  218. Sarah Palin Pranked!
  219. Why, why, why, is it always Florida?
  220. Obama carved onto Mount Rushmore
  221. American Government Vs Canadian Government
  222. Do you think this is true?
  223. A New low for liberals
  224. Truly torn this election
  225. Political Avatars
  226. Less than 24 to go
  227. Another thought on government spending...
  228. Obama's plan in golf terms- Funny
  229. Obama's Grandmother dies
  230. Why haven't the 'fact-checkers' done a better job?
  231. Sarah Palin Cleared in "Troopergate"
  232. Ben Affleck as Keith Olbermann
  233. Election 2008 Color / Religion question?
  234. Final Thoughts Before Election
  235. Supreme ignorance from a MCcain supporter
  236. Official Election Day/Results Thread
  237. Free gas???Just ask Peggy Joseph!!!
  238. Just For Fun!
  239. What a night.....
  240. President Obama
  241. HOLY SHIT were you wrong!!!!!
  242. What I really fear.....
  243. Let the healing begin . . .
  244. Yes We Can! Barack Obama Wins Victory Celebration
  245. Obama Girl wants an invite to inauguration
  246. US Senate- Minnesota
  247. Black panthers at the polls [Helping little ol'e ladies?]
  248. Over Estimation
  249. What's the Big Deal?
  250. curiosity on Bush
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