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  1. I'm a _____ Man/Woman
  2. Sex
  3. Body Parts
  4. Masturbation
  5. Whats Your Favorite Position Or Thing To Do During Sex
  6. Anal Sex
  7. Sex Fantasies
  8. I Need Some Help
  9. Fake tits
  10. Sexual Spanking
  11. Do you like oral sex?
  12. How many times you masterbate per week?
  13. Is masterbation bad for males?
  14. married couples and sex?
  15. Incest (and related nonsense)
  16. Question for the women..
  17. how big do u like it
  18. Talking about shaved or unshaved...a funny thing happened to me
  19. Bush or Bald?
  20. guys: multiple orgasm?
  21. drunken hookups?
  22. How do you like your sex?
  23. your weirdest sexual experince?
  24. S&FF Member PORN!
  25. Blowjobs do you like to give em or not?
  26. Do any of my sisters really care about size?
  27. First time masturbation
  28. Any others like me?
  29. Welcome to Sex Talk 101
  30. Group sex
  31. Best Place To Masturbate?
  32. Time to Jerk off!
  33. The correct way to eat pu$$y
  34. Guys Poll: what's your penis size?
  35. Sexual Desire
  36. Perv's 420,000 Twisted Images
  37. male enhancement drugs
  38. Your Fetish
  39. quasi-bi girlfriend...
  40. Speaking of Masturbation...Ever been caught?
  41. Ever been caught having sex
  42. The dildo/strap-on blowjob
  43. Poll: Does penis length or penis girth matter most?
  44. Masturbation
  45. Female Ejaculation
  46. Any good ideas on how to last longer?
  47. Too Horny, Too Much....
  48. Ive got a question!
  49. One night stands and guys...
  50. Just Curious....
  51. What does an orgasm feel like for a girl?
  52. if you could be in porn...
  53. What about 3 somes (MMF)?
  54. adult chat sites?
  55. Genital enhancement
  56. The taste of cum
  57. Girls can u help my wife
  58. Tie Up
  59. Silly question....
  60. What type are you?
  61. ass finger
  62. what do you think
  63. Vibrators
  64. Do guys generally like eating us out?
  65. Wondering
  66. Should I call her?
  67. Who would you fuck?
  68. Is squirting real?
  69. Would any girl...
  70. lingerie
  71. is my girlfriend cheating on me?
  72. Female Orgasm (how to tell)
  73. Naughty Horoscopes (Taurus and Aries)
  74. Big tits vs. little tits
  75. Junk in the Trunk
  76. Question for the Lady's
  77. erection anytime anywhere
  78. double penetration
  79. Penis Enlargement Ideas
  80. Please tell me if/how this is possible
  81. wheres ur favourite...
  82. Any girls out there that don't like oral?
  83. Help, my girlfriend's clit hurts
  84. Why are erect penises considered "hardcore"?
  85. wat u got
  86. Who to fuck? a different take.
  87. Phone sex
  88. anyone still into monogamy?
  89. For the women
  90. The Shocker
  91. The Pill and less sex drive
  92. Feminine head
  93. Friendship
  94. Voyeurism
  95. Bum or Boob??
  96. Hairy .vs. Smooth
  97. Question For The Women ??
  98. Your new moderator is bibabydoll!
  99. How to get with an older woman
  100. can a girl feel us ejaculate?
  101. have you caught someone having sex?
  102. how important are blow jobs to you
  103. sex under or on top of the covers?
  104. Never before experianced fore-play
  105. have you heard another couple having sex
  106. discovering evidence of masturbation
  107. what sex position are you??
  108. what is the rudest thing you have said during or after sex?
  109. ever have a one night stand?
  110. How to Land A Teacher?
  111. virginity pledges
  112. Sex in a storm?
  113. How often do ya............?
  114. Weird places
  115. Imagine surfing porn and suddenly...
  116. Breast milk
  117. Girls tha like to see Girl on Girl
  118. some girls dont like giving or getting, WHY???
  119. The Clit...
  120. socks on or off
  121. question
  122. Dominatrix's
  123. dogging, worth a go?
  124. Breast to Breast
  125. It's common for guys to get into les porn, is it common for ladies to....
  126. Guess what he was doing with my clothes!
  127. The wrong place, at the right time.
  128. Depresed girl
  129. Kinky Food!
  130. rape fetish.
  131. The Pick Up!
  132. After having a baby?
  133. Ladies...what Will You Admit To Using To Masturbate With???
  134. Girls that get off with Cyber Fighting
  135. advice for the paralized
  136. how to get baby gravy
  137. A Twist on Taste of Semen
  138. Golden Showers
  139. Besides Ears And Tummies....
  140. Man but in the Womans ~ Woman but in the Mans!
  141. Man BooBs
  142. To all you ladies
  143. How many of have contimplated Tans-Gender
  144. since kinky is the thing for today....
  145. Ladies, would your man giving head turn you on?
  146. nasty?
  147. for ladies only
  148. Lights; Camera; Action...is Hollywood Calling You!!!
  149. kinda split from the wife/gf catching hubby/bf thread
  150. Sexual things done at work!
  151. bondage
  152. Cultural swallowing
  153. on the beach
  154. Ode to boobs... the "artistic" side of Sex Talk
  155. wanking at work
  156. Bj
  157. hottest..
  158. How Young is To Young?
  159. Plan B, Yes Or No?
  160. All about semen
  161. Female ejaculation
  162. sex and the dorms
  163. Beastiallity
  164. longest
  165. embarrassing moments with parents
  166. eating out...
  167. Swing clubs??
  168. anyone else like erotica?
  169. tit fighting
  170. Fisting
  171. If sperm tasted like chocolate
  172. strange fetishes
  173. Virginity
  174. how often do married ones on the forum get to have sex.
  175. My Panties!
  176. Anyone try Fleshlight or Pocket Pussy
  177. Change of dimension...
  178. Hot Candle Wax??
  179. Visual Stimuli
  180. Boob size and/or butt
  181. most embarrassing sexual moment
  182. A few facts
  183. Fave part of a woman's body?
  184. Hey Guys! Next Time Remember These Rules And The Lady May Invite You Back.
  185. Oral sex or Intercourse
  186. What Your Drink Says About You
  187. Blowjob Etiquette (Male/Female both)
  188. Girl Poll: Whats your bra size
  189. romance gone bad?
  190. Correct way to measure the penis!!
  191. "His dick is larger then mine" Theory
  192. very bad 4 me
  193. parents having sex
  194. Seemed to work last time....
  195. Sexual positions
  196. Penis enlargement techniques
  197. breast obsession dilemma
  198. poop chute
  199. any of you guys shave your "stuff"
  200. Patricia
  201. Question for the people who post their nudies...
  202. New Toy- Looks Painful
  203. Why girls in spandex more acceptable than men?
  204. sci-fi sex
  205. Circumcise
  206. Mens underwear.....
  207. Anal Fingering
  208. Best Ways To Masturbate???
  209. Name the penis
  210. Delaying orgasm
  211. Where do you like it???
  212. new ways to masterbate?
  213. Different masturbation techniques, male and female
  214. socks
  215. ive done something stupid
  216. Are you a romantic?
  217. Whats everone think about those girls in the advertisments.
  218. How long would you wait?
  219. Women's Underwear
  220. Girl at work I'd fuck?
  221. i made her pussy too wide.
  222. question for women about sex hurting
  223. Girls, do you enjoy performing a oral on males?
  224. Milfs Please Respond
  225. what about canola????
  226. for those in committed relationships
  227. Rejection Stories
  228. A poll about... queefing
  229. Cyber sex
  230. Women that compare breasts
  231. Surprised it's not a topic yet... rimming
  232. what floats ur boat
  233. Best Thongs for "peeking out"
  234. storing condom
  235. comparing notes with other guys
  236. white spots on gland????
  237. contraception...
  238. What's your favorite condom? (besides, "one that isn't busted" :p )
  239. How does it fit when its hard?
  240. Who should have the them?
  241. Sharing your partner...
  242. One Night Stand
  243. Question to the girls regarding weed...
  244. Where is the riskiest place you have wanked etc?
  245. how many times have you made a girl cum in one session?
  246. i slipped up
  247. What do u think?
  248. Multi-Orgasm technique? (Long)
  249. trying new positions?
  250. Changing
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