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Forum Rules and Guidelines


Note: These rules are subject to interpretation by the administrator and moderators of forums.sexyandfunny.com and may change at any time.

1. Questions, Concerns, and Section-Specific Rules
- If you have any questions or concerns about anything forum-related, do not hesitate to contact a moderator. This can be done by posting a thread in Support/Feedback, sending a PM, or hitting the “Report Bad Post” button.
- If you see rule breaking content, do not comment in-thread – just report or flag the post.
- Different sections may have different rules in addition to these rules. Make sure to read all the stickies in a section before you post in that section, even if you are only posting a response.

2. No Hardcore, Extreme, Blatantly Offensive, Copyrighted, Illegal or Otherwise Inappropriate Content
- Do not post hardcore, extreme, blatantly offensive, copyrighted (unless you own the copyright) or illegal content anywhere on S&FF. Any of the above could get you banned, and illegal content could also result in your being reported to the proper authorities. Also, posting softcore material with a note implying that you have hardcore material will be treated as if you had posted the hardcore material.
- For our purposes, hardcore is defined as any content in which there is an erect penis, or either obvious or strongly implicit male-on-female or male-on-male sexual activity.
- If you are not sure the woman in the pictures/video you are posting is at least 18, don't post it. If there is doubt, it will be removed. Remember, underage is illegal.
- Do not post anyone's personal information on here.
- Do not post photos of kids, we are an adult forum so photos of kids don't belong here.

3. Forum Etiquette
- Do not act like an idiot or a jerk to get attention.
- Be respectful of other members, especially but not exclusively the Homegrown Hotties. This includes not only how you talk to them, but also re-posting/modifying their contributions without their permission, and posting links to your threads within theirs. If someone posts a re-post, simply report it with a link to the original, do not post the link to the original in-thread.
- Remember, this is not a dating site!
- Posting requests for other members to break the rules will be treated as though you broke the rule.
- Do not bump threads from or mention in any way serial trolls that have been perma-banned. These people have been permanently banned for a reason and given that one of the things they crave most is attention, the less of it given the better.

4. Flagging
- Flagging is a tool for community moderation only available to full (dark blue) and green (premium) members.
- If your post is flagged out it will become invisible unless clicked on.
- If your flagged out post is the first post in a thread, the thread will be sent to the dumpster and/or removed.
- All flagged out posts are reviewed and the post will only be revived if it is determined that the flags are completely unwarranted.
- If your thread gets dumped due to your post being flagged out, do not re-post the same thread again. Doing so may result in a ban depending on the circumstances.
- Similarly if your post in someone elses thread is flagged out, do not repost it. It could also result in a ban depending on the circumstances.
- Flagging in the Purple Monkey Dishwasher (PMD) forum is currently allowed for fun.
- Continuously flagging posts outside of PMD for no reason, will result in either your flagging privileges being removed or a ban.

5. Posting Links and Linked Content
- Do not spam the forums with links to your site, or post links to archive files. If any of your first ten posts contains an off-site link that is not to one of our approved sites, you will be banned for spamming the forums. Making ten posts and then posting your link is no better. If your reason for being here is to post links to your site, don't bother signing up.
- Do not spam users over PM (ie sending multiple unsolicited PMs).
- Do not post links to other forums without approval, either in threads or over PMs.

5. Signatures and Avatars

- Signatures must not be larger than 550 pixels wide and 120 pixels high, and must not exceed 70kb. If you only have text in your signature, please do not exceed 6 lines. If you want a banner and text above/under, the banner should be about 18-20 pixels shorter. No matter what you do, the entire signature should not exceed the 550 x 120 x 70kb guidelines. More information can be found here.
- Signatures and avatars must abide by all other aspects of the forum rules, and may not contain a link without approval from the admin.

These rules are ever evolving and are therefore subject to change at any time.
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